Privacy policy

The following privacy policy is to state and bring into the recognition of the user about the usage the information when is visted. The privacy policy is applicable on all the users of or any other website or application which is linked with

The user is requested to read the Privacy Policy carefully as it explains what and how information is to be collected by the website and also where it will be used. We would further request you to keep visiting the website frequently to remain updated as the website is replaced and updated according to the needs.

If you dislike the contents of the policy or disagree with it then you are advised to stop using the website and other applications linked with it.


The personal information collected is used to discern, locate and interact with the users. Apart from personal information, other information that is linked with it is also collected. The type of personal information collected is contact information, relationship information, transactional information, location information and analytics information.


Under this type of information the user’s name, contact number, email address, postal code, fax number etc are included which can be used to contact you via mail or in person or via call. Contact information is gathered when the user contacts us or when a query is asked or when he signs up for the newsletter.


The basic purpose of relationship information is to connect with the user. It is this kind of information that helps us know your preferred brands, stores, advertisement or coupons based on your choice made in past. The information is also that collected when the user likes or share our coupon on social media on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. For this, the user’s birth date, age, gender, zip code, etc is collected.


Transaction information includes the user’s selection or usage of the coupons on the website. This includes the communication which the user might make through the website to any other website through the website’s referral such as any transaction which that the user might make.


This includes the user’s location and geo location. This includes information about the user’s country, state, city and postal code.


Analytics information includes the use of website along with the medium through which the website is accessed to. It includes IP Address, Unique Device Identifier, Access time, Language preference and operation system types.


The above information is during different times and by different ways whenever the website is used. Following are the ways how information is collected.

1. When the users registers or signs up at the website.

2. When the user accesses the website from one or more devices. It further includes maintaining the record of the collection or selection of the redemption of coupons through cookies which helps the website to store relevant data about you and other technological devices which helps us in determining your decisions or interact with the website.

3. The information is collected when the user contacts us or sends us your feedback or query from the device such as user’s mobile phone. If the user’s mobile phone has its Bluetooth enabled, then the location is accessible. The IP Address can also trace the user’s location and access times. The user’s information such as details of the shopping cart might be asked to share by the third parties.


The information is used to improve the user’s experience whenever the website is accessed to. The information regarding previous choices, location, demography are used to provide the users coupons and offers which might appeal them and to evaluate whether the user is eligible to use a certain coupon or not. The information is also utilized to determine the types of coupons and deal that user might use more in the future. This information further helps us in tracking the redeemed coupons and offers so that we can generate the success rate of a specific coupon and to support the answers of customers and merchants’ queries.

The website utilizes the information to send you reminders about technical changes, amendments in Privacy Policy, updates, security information, and support emails. The information is used to show advertisements that might be preferred by the users based on the choices on the website and Third Party website. These advertisements are sent via email, telephone call, Text Messages and Mobile push notifications.

The information is also utilized to provide the user security to avoid indulging in frauds, spams and suspicious activities and to maintain a secure platform.


The user’s information is disclosed only under special circumstances where the websites have the approval of law and order. It is used to protect both the website and the user from fraud and spam. The user’s information is well protected by the service providers and certain trusted employees under judicial law. However there are few situations in which the user’s information is shared

1. For judicial purposes under certain circumstances.
2. With legal entities for any violation or harm done against this website.

Other than as mentioned in this Privacy Policy, your personal information will not be used otherwise without your express consent.


The website tends to use cookies at times to collect and store data. A cookie is a tiny storage file which is stored in your browser through the website. There are two kind of cookies; Permanent and Temporary cookies.

Permanent cookies tend to store data over a period of time and it could usually last to 30 days and during this time it stays in your browser and keeps on retrieving data.

Temporary cookies do not stay longer in your browser and they immediately expire when you close your browser.

Cookies enable us to recognize the user whenever he/she revisits the website. It also helps in recognizing a person’s choice and preference.


It is made evident by savingempire that it does not take responsibility of the usage or redemption of coupons by the children below thirteen years of age. It is assumed when a visitor uses website he is above the age of thirteen. On the contrary, if someone turns out to be less than thirteen years old, the website stops working with them.